Free Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

Pennsylvania is a state located at the crossroads of Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern and Appalachian regions. With a population of approximately 13 million residents, Oklahoma is the 5th most populous state. It has about 46,055 square miles of territory. And it ranks 9th in terms of population density. On average, about 290 people live within each square mile of its territory. Based on the latest data gathered, about 4.2 million vehicles are registered in the state. With a Pennsylvania free license plate lookup, vehicle history check has become more convenient and easy.

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Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles

Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services

Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation’s subdivision, Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), is the main agency responsible for many DMV functions. These are vehicle registration, title, driver & vehicle records, license plate, replacement of lost or damaged DMV documents and more. Only a single rear license plate is mandatory per vehicle in the state. The current serial number implemented in Pennsylvania is ‘ABC-1234’.

Pennsylvania License Plates

What can a Pennsylvania license plate number tell you?

A Pennsylvania license plate number is important for keeping tabs on a vehicle’s legal status. Most of all, it can be used by interested car buyers to check vehicle history. Despite the wide range of data possible with a free Pennsylvania license plate lookup, the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act ensures that some info is off-limits.

Pennsylvania License Plates

Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

Enter any Pennsylvania license plate number to run a free vehicle history report 

Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

Where can I find the license plate number?

The most obvious spot is the license plate at the back of the car. Other good references for a plate number are government-issued vehicle documents, such as registration and title. Insurance files and sales papers are also important secondary sources of license plate numbers. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact Pennsylvania DVS for queries regarding a car’s legal status.

Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

What do I get out of a Pennsylvania license plate lookup?

Access relevant vehicle data using the vehicle’s license plate number

Vehicle Specifications

dimension, trim, engine and transmission types, and other basic vehicle details

Vehicle Records

registration or title status; title brands or indicators of history of accident, flood damage, theft, lien, salvage history, sales, and more

Market Value

based on the price range of vehicles with the same model and make sold in Pennsylvania and the rest of the US

Safety Ratings

scores for tests conducted by the IIHS to assess crash worthiness, mitigation and avoidance 

Fuel Efficiency

efficiency of fuel consumption expressed in miles per gallon of fuel

Warranty and Recalls

latest recalls and fixes, active and near-expiring warranty coverages


What are the sources of license plate search results? has a strong network of vehicle data providers that ensures vehicle history reports are up to date and rich in important content. The database receives ample data every day from government agencies like NMVTIS, DMVs, inspection, traffic and safety authorities in various US states. Moreover, there is also a selection of private parties that provide comparable volumes of vehicle data, such as auto manufacturers, dealers, insurers, repair shops, auction shops, auto rental companies and junkyards.


Pennsylvania License Plate Lookup

Input any Pennsylvania License Plate number to access a reliable vehicle history report for free

Pennsylvania License Plate FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions on license plate lookup

What is the difference between a Pennsylvania license plate lookup and a Pennsylvania VIN check?

A Pennsylvania license plate lookup works by finding associated vehicle documents through a Pennsylvania VIN check. A, Pennsylvania VIN check works by using the Vehicle Identification Number to spot related content. These tools are just options that produce the same results at for the purpose of educating car buyers about their prospective vehicles.

What are the types of license plates in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania license plate designs generally fall under six categories: (1) Standard Issue, (2) Military, (3) Special Fund, (4) Special Organizations, (5) Personalized (6) and Specialty. If you want to get your preferred plate design, simply go over to any of the six categories and pass the requirements.

Can I get a personalized license plate in Pennsylvania?

Owners of registered vehicles can apply for Pennsylvania personalized license plates. They can suggest an alphanumeric combination with seven characters max. Special symbols are allowed except for hyphen and space. A combination can only contain one space or one hyphen. Additionally, the proposed combination must not be a duplicate of an already used combination. It must also not imply any offensive message to the public.

How can I apply for a Pennsylvania license plate?

All Pennsylvania-registered vehicles are eligible for a Pennsylvania license plate. The success of registration can be ensured by complying with the state’s requirements before the due date. An applicant must register their car within 20 days of establishing residency.

Pennsylvania VIN Check

To get a comprehensive vehicle history report, you can also run a Pennsylvania VIN Check