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Ohio is the 7th most populous state in the US. Total number of residents is estimated at around 11.7 million. It is also the 10th most densely populated US state. On average, about 282 people live per square mile of Ohio land. Ohio spans a total of 44,825 square miles. It registered about 4.4 million vehicles as of the latest data. A Ohio free license plate lookup can help you spot fraudulent schemes before signing the bill of sale.

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Ohio BMV

Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) serves the same role as the DMVs of other states. It issues vehicle registration, license plate, vehicle title, driver’s and vehicle records, driver’s license, replacements. Ohio requires a single rear license plate for each motor vehicle. The official serial format of the Ohio license plate is ‘ABC 1234’. The standard plate design is titled “Ohio Pride”.

Ohio License Plates

What can an Ohio license plate number tell you?

Ohio license plate numbers have many purposes. For the state, they can be used to authenticate the entry and operation of vehicles inside its jurisdiction. For law enforcement, they can be used to deter and solve crimes.

Ohio License Plates

Ohio License Plate Lookup

Run a vehicle history report for free using any Ohio license plate number

Ohio License Plate Lookup

Where can I find the license plate number?

Check the plate attached to a car to ensure the authenticity of the plate number that you have read. .You can also review associated vehicle documents that are issued by the state, such as vehicle registration and title. If for some reason, you are still in doubt about the content of the said sources, you can contact Ohio BMV for your queries.

Ohio License Plate Lookup

What do I get out of an Ohio license plate lookup?

Unlock a full vehicle report using the vehicle’s license plate number

Vehicle Specifications

dimensions, engine type, trim, transmission speed, and other basic as well as performance-related details

Vehicle Records

title and registration status; sales, lien, accident, theft, sales at salvage auction, and other records

Market Value

minimum and maximum price estimates for similar vehicles in the local Ohio area and the rest of the country

Safety Ratings

crash resiliency and prevention features based on crash tests done by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

Fuel Efficiency

efficiency of converting fuel energy to distance traveled (miles per gallon)

Warranty and Recalls

time remaining for warranty coverages, ongoing recalls with pending fixes


What are the sources of license plate search results? acquires vehicle info from many organizations and shares it freely with car buyers who visit the site online. Its main providers include the NMVTIS, DMVs and the various traffic and law enforcement authorities. Not to mention the emissions inspection stations found across the state.

A handful of private organizations also contribute to the system, most notably, vehicle manufacturers, auto dealers, insurers, repair shops, vehicle rental companies, salvage yards and more.


Ohio License Plate Lookup

To get a comprehensive vehicle history report, enter any Ohio License Plate number

Ohio License Plate FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions on license plate lookup

What is the difference between an Ohio license plate lookup and an Ohio VIN check?

VIN number and license numbers are critical information provided in documents basically to identify the vehicle. These numbers can be used as a search index to look for vehicle information. At, both tools can give you a full vehicle history report.

What are the types of license plates in Ohio?

In addition to regular Ohio license plate designs, there are many plate designs that belong to different categories. These are Organizational, Collegiate, Company Logo, Disability, Historical, Military, Professional Sports Teams and Publicly Owned plate categories. They can all be issued with the Ohio BMV.

Can I get a personalized license plate in Ohio?

Personalized license plates are allowed in Ohio during and after registration. A minimum of four letters and a maximum of seven for each combination. Only two spaces are acceptable for a combination of seven characters. Three spaces for a combination of six characters. For a six-character plate with a logo, space is prohibited. For a combination of five characters, only a single space is allowed.

How can I apply for an Ohio license plate?

An Ohio license plate is required for every newly registered car in Ohio. However, owners have the option to choose between a regular design and a special type. The latter comes at an extra cost and demands additional requirements from the applicant.

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