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Idaho has a population of about 1.8 million residents. The state also occupies around 83 thousand square miles of territory. It is located in the eastern part of the Continental US. As of 2019, there were about 602 thousand registered vehicles in Idaho. The Idaho free license plate lookup can help you discern any cause of concern in an Idaho car.

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Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles

Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles

The Idaho Transportation Department’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is responsible for official vehicle registration, title and license plate issuance in Idaho. In general, Idaho requires two license plates for each vehicle. But, in some cases, a single rear license plate is admissible. Applicants will have a 30-day grace period to process vehicle registration. The serial formats for standard plates are ‘A 1234U’, ‘0A 1234U’, ‘1A A123U’ and ‘10B 123U’.

Idaho License Plates

What can an Idaho license plate number tell you?

An Idaho license plate number can direct individuals to relevant information about a car. This includes things like vehicle specifications, ownership records, sales, recalls and whatnot. Despite an extensive potential data reach of a plate number, not all details can be shown because of confidentiality.

Idaho License Plates

Idaho License Plate Lookup

Still, running a free Idaho license plate lookup can take you a long way in discerning your prospects.

Idaho License Plate Lookup

Where can I find the license plate number?

License plate numbers are typically found on the bumper and rear of the vehicle. Other possible spots to check out are the vehicle documents, such as those that pertain to registration, title and insurance, as they are likely certified by Idaho DMV and other authorized agencies.

Idaho License Plate Lookup

What do I get out of an Idaho license plate lookup?

Unlock a comprehensive vehicle report using the vehicle’s license plate number

Vehicle Specifications

basic physical features as well as some details related to performance 

Vehicle Records

title status and any record of theft, sale, flood damage and other title brands

Market Value

based on the value of similar vehicles in Idaho and other parts of the country

Safety Ratings

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ratings for vehicle’s crash response

Fuel Efficiency

distance traveled for every gallon of fuel

Warranty and Recalls

status of warranty and type of coverage, latest recalls, safety issues and fixes


What are the sources of license plate search results? operates a vehicle information system that receives a constant stream of data from the NMVTIS, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs), traffic enforcement, police agencies and others of note.

Other notable contributors of vehicle info include car manufacturers, car dealerships, insurance companies, auction shops, vehicle rental and fleet companies, collision repair shops, and salvage or junk yards in the state and across the country.


Idaho License Plate Lookup

To get a comprehensive vehicle history report, you can run an idaho License Plate Lookup

Idaho License Plate FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions on license plate lookup

What is the difference between an Idaho license plate lookup and an Idaho VIN check?

VIN number and license numbers are critical information provided in documents basically to identify the vehicle. These numbers can be used as a search index to look for vehicle information. At, both tools can give you a full vehicle history report.

What are the types of license plates in Idaho?

Besides the standard version, vehicle owners in Idaho also have an option to request specialty license plates. Available plate designs include Agriculture, Appaloosa, Capitol Commission, Centennial, Classic, Collegiate, Support Our Troops, Youth, Wildlife and 20 + other choices to choose from.

Can I get a personalized license plate in Idaho?

Vehicle owners in Idaho can personally customize their own plate design. However, they must observe a few guidelines for their suggested plate design to be accepted. A minimum of four characters and a maximum of seven characters can be displayed on the plate. The number and letter combination must not be identical with other existing Idaho plates. Lastly, any combination that can be interpreted as offensive might be rejected.

How can I apply for an Idaho license plate?

In Idaho, residents have 90 days to register and title their vehicles before late application fees apply. That way, they can be eligible for Idaho license plates, which they can upgrade to a special type at an extra cost and requirements.

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