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Decoding a Toyota VIN will reveal vital information like the country where it was manufactured, model, engine type, current warranty, any open recalls, and more.

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Toyota VIN Number Lookup and Decoder

With the Toyota VIN decoder, owners and potential buyers can easily access important information about their vehicle’s history and specifications. This tool allows users to decode the unique 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to uncover details such as the model year, engine type, transmission, and trim level of their Toyota vehicle. Whether you are looking to purchase a used Toyota or simply want to learn more about your current vehicle, the Toyota VIN decoder is a valuable resource that can provide insight into the car’s past and features.

What is a Toyota VIN Number?

A Toyota VIN number is a unique code assigned to every vehicle manufactured by Toyota. This code serves as the vehicle’s fingerprint, containing important information about its make, model, year of production, and other identifying details. It is composed of 17 characters, made up of both letters and numbers, that provide specific information about the vehicle’s history and specifications.

Sample Toyota VINs

VIN Description
4T1GK13E1SU066859 1995 Toyota Camry XLE Sedan
JT2AE97AXL3406260 1990 Toyota Corolla LE Sedan
5TFMU5F12AX015501 2010 Toyota Tundra Delux Truck
JTEHP21A260185383 2006 Toyota Highlander Limited Sport Utility Vehicle
4T3BK3BB0FU25H588 2015 Toyota Venza Limited Wagon
5TFTX4CN4FX047765 2015 Toyota Tacoma Pickup
2T3JF4DV4CW187016 2012 Toyota Rav4 Sport Utility Vehicle
JT3VN39W5L0031737 1990 Toyota 4Runner Sport Utility Vehicle
4T3ZF13C1WU392086 1998 Toyota Sienna Minivan

List of Toyota Models Supported

Category Model
Sedans and Hatchbacks Toyota Avalon
Toyota Camry
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla Hatchback
Toyota Mirai
Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius Prime
SUVs and Crossovers Toyota 4Runner
Toyota bZ4X
Toyota C-HR
Toyota Corolla Cross
Toyota Grand Highlander
Toyota Highlander
Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota RAV4
Toyota Sequoia
Toyota Venza
Trucks Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tundra
Minivans Toyota Sienna
Performance and Sports Cars Toyota GR Supra
Toyota GR86
Toyota GR Corolla
Hybrid Models Toyota Avalon Hybrid
Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota Corolla Hybrid
Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius Prime
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
Toyota RAV4 Prime
Toyota Sequoia Hybrid
Toyota Sienna Hybrid
Toyota Venza Hybrid
Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Models Toyota Prius Prime
Toyota RAV4 Prime
Toyota bZ4X
Commercial Vehicles Toyota Proace
Toyota HiAce

Toyota VIN Decoding Guide

If you are buying a used Toyota, check out your car’s VIN to verify vehicle information and history. Every Toyota model sold in the United States comes with a VIN which is unique to every single vehicle. It reveals important details about your vehicle and can help you identify your Toyota from other vehicles on the road.

Toyota VIN Decoding

Position Description Values (Examples)
1 Country of Manufacture J = Japan, 4 = USA, 2 = Canada
2 Manufacturer T = Toyota
3 Vehicle Type A = Passenger Car, B = MPV, N = Truck
4-8 Model Description (Engine, Series, Body Style) Example: BE00L (specific to model)
9 Check Digit Any digit (0-9) or letter (X)
10 Model Year A = 1980, B = 1981, …, R = 2024
11 Assembly Plant 0 = Tsutsumi, A = Tahara, S = Subaru
12-17 Serial Number Unique to each vehicle

Where can you find the Toyota VIN?

Toyota vehicles have their VIN located in several different places.

  • One common location is on the driver’s side of the dashboard, visible through the windshield.
  • The VIN can also be found on the driver’s side door jamb, on the vehicle’s registration card, and on insurance documents.
  • Also, the VIN may be located on the engine block or stamped on other parts of the vehicle for identification purposes.

Toyota VIN Locations

Toyota VIN Decoder

Why should I run a Toyota VIN decoder? free Toyota VIN Decoder allows you to obtain a Toyota vehicle report. We support 17-character VINs from 1981 to the present. To run a Toyota VIN decoder, simply enter your VIN and hit “Decode VIN”. Every report shows the following information:

  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Market Value
  • Equipment Details
  • Recalls and Defects
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Safety Rating
  • Sales Records
  • Ownership Cost
  • Inspection Checklist
  • Current Warranty
  • Title History
Toyota VIN Decoder

How to use the Toyota VIN decoder to obtain a Toyota vehicle report?

Decoding the VIN to run a comprehensive Toyota VIN check

Toyota Vehicle VIN location
Step 1

Find the Toyota VIN number

The Toyota VIN is assigned to your car during production. The VIN can be found on your dashboard or on a label on the driver’s door. It is also printed on DMV vehicle registration documents.

Toyota Vehicle VIN location
decode your Toyota VIN
Step 2

Decode your Toyota VIN free VIN decoder can decode and reveal the meaning of each character to find vehicle specs and other information. The report also includes a complete NMVTIS report. To start decoding your Toyota VIN, enter the VIN in the search box.

Free Toyota VIN decoder
Step 3

Get a Toyota vehicle report

After entering your VIN, wait for a few minutes to find your vehicle.

Free Toyota VIN decoder

Free Toyota VIN Decoder

Enter your VIN below and run a Free Toyota VIN decoder in seconds!

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