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Decode a Fiat VIN to know more about a Fiat vehicle. free Fiat VIN Decoder can discern info behind Vehicle Identification Numbers that contains 17 digits. Any VIN from 1981 and succeeding years is compatible with the system. Enter a Fiat VIN to know more about your prospective cars. The tool can uncover data on vehicle specifications, defect solutions, market cost, pricing range, ownership, title and more.

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Fiat Vehicle VIN location

Where can you find the Fiat VIN?

Each and every Fiat car carries with it a distinct code called Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Fortunately, the VIN is readily accessible as it is often located in easy-to-spot places. A Fiat VIN can be found in these areas:

  • On the dashboard by the driver’s side. This can be seen by looking through the windshield. A VIN plate might be located at the corner. 
  • On the door jamb by the driver’s side. Easily noticeable once you recognize the inner wall of the B-pillar. Rather than a plate, you may find a VIN sticker instead. 
  • Under the vehicle’s hood. A VIN detail can also be discovered by opening the hood. It can be found in two locations in the engine area. Either in front of the engine block or on top of the radiator.
  • Other notable locations. For older models (around 1960 – 1980), another possible VIN location is the driver’s side quarter panel.  If there were no VIN to find, consider checking vehicle documents.

How to decode a Fiat VIN number?

Decoding a Fiat VIN number need not be difficult. The good thing is each Fiat VIN is unique and matches with only one car. This makes it an excellent reference point to unlock useful vehicle information. Just make sure you have the right VIN to gather so that you can be sure of the data you gather on a car.

Fiat VIN chart

The Fiat Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is similar to other VIN designs. It strictly follows the 1981 NHTSA format that requires a mixture of 17 letters and numbers. The VIN is further divided into three subgroups:

World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)

The WMI refers to these positions: the 1st for the nation of origin, the 2nd for manufacturer and the 3rd for vehicle type.

Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS)

The VDS refers to the middle section of the VIN. For the VDS, there are two designations that are currently being used. For models that have been released from 2012 up to the present, the 4th – 9th digits refer to these labels respectively: brake system & GVWR (4th), brand (5th), marketing name (6th), specifications (7th), engine details (8th)  and check number (9th). Meanwhile, for pre-2012 model years, the same order of digits correspond to models (4th, 5th and 6th positions), body type and transmission (7th), grade (8th) and check digit (9th).

Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS)

The VIS refers to the last half of the VIN. Specifically, positions 10th – 17th. The 10th digit corresponds to the model year, the 11th for the assembly plant and the rest represent the sequence numbers.

Fiat VIN decoder

Why should I run a Fiat VIN decoder? free Fiat VIN Decoder provides a way for car buyers to get a Fiat vehicle history report quickly. So long as the VIN was issued for the 1981 model year and after, the system will decode the VIN just fine. Run a Fiat VIN decoder at any time. Just enter the VIN below and the following details will appear:

  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Market Value
  • Equipment Details
  • Recalls and Defects
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Safety Rating
  • Sales Records
  • Ownership Cost
  • Inspection Checklist
  • Current Warranty
  • Title History
Fiat VIN decoder

How to use the Fiat VIN decoder to obtain a Fiat vehicle report?

Decoding the VIN to run a comprehensive Fiat VIN check

Fiat Vehicle VIN location
Step 1

Find the Fiat VIN number

It is important to confirm if a featured Fiat VIN is truly connected to the car. This way, you will be certain about the relevancy of the information you will get. The most common spots for Fiat VINs are the driver’s side dashboard and door jamb as well as the underneath of the hood. For old models, you may check the driver’s side quarter panel. If none of the VIN were found in these places, check vehicle documents.

Fiat Vehicle VIN location
Fiat VIN decoded by VIN
Step 2

Decode your Fiat VIN free VIN decoder can uncover undisclosed vehicle information. Each VIN digit has corresponding vehicle information. In addition, the tool also provides a complete NMVTIS car report. You can get a copy by entering the Fiat VIN on the designated search box.

Free VIN decoder
Step 3

Get a Fiat vehicle report

Enter the Fiat VIN. Wait for the page to load the appropriate car report.

Fiat vin decoder free

Free Fiat VIN Decoder

Enter your VIN below and run a Free Fiat VIN decoder in seconds!